2018 ION Sol Kite Hüfttrapez Colleen Carroll sign.

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2018 ION Sol Kite Hüfttrapez


  • High Performance Pre-Shape: Inside 3D EVA Shape lock into your waist and prevent friction. Combined with the comfy Hyper Foam for ergonomic fit without sucking water.
  • 3D Contour Shape Plus: Pre- contoured shape with extra back support for radical freestyle riding
  • Reduced Side_Cut: A newly revised Side Cut for a slimmer outline

Line Concept

The SOL is the perfect companion for women who love to rip in freestyle like Colleen Carroll. The Neo_Belt creates a smooth transition between the belt and the main body of the harness. In addition, this year ION further enhancied the freedom of movement. Delivering a perfect fit with even more support, extremely stylish, sophisticated and specialised, the SOL is Colleen's ultimate accessory.


  • Wrap_Tec
  • Downforce
  • Extended Soft_Edge
  • Split_Edge
  • Cross_Link
  • Belt_Garage
  • Push Button Spreader Bar
  • Bar Keeper Belt
  • Kite_Knife
  • Invisible_Seam
  • Neo Belt
  • Protection Pad
  • HPL_Slider
  • Soft_Edge
  • 3D Contour Shape Plus


  • 34/XS
  • 36/S
  • 38/M
  • 40/L


black phantom/pistachio, Colleen Carroll sign.

Geschlecht: Frau

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